Saturday, 25 July 2015

Jamaa Journal, July 23, Vol 151

Hey you guys! Wolfetter here with a brand-new update!

A new den has made it's way to Jamaa, and landed in the Diamond Shop! For 5 Diamonds each, this bubbly den could be yours! You could host parties, shops or maybe a bouncy school. It's a shame that all new dens, animals and pets are members only, and for the diamond shop however.
Comment below: do you like the fact that so many items are for members, or would you prefer more non-member items?

Friday, 24 July 2015

Animal Jam Updates: Bounce House Den!

Hey Jammers! Wolfetter here with a surprise update! Well, a surprise to me anyway...

So, what has AJ come up with today?

Another cool den! Unfortunately, it's in the Diamond Shop..

When you see it in the diamond shop, you can see that it's 5 diamonds, and  is a basic bouncy castle look!

Play As Your Pet Party

Wassup Jammers? 
Lilac Fedora and I were playing about in the Play As Your Pet Party, when we decided to make a post about it!

In this party, you get to play as your favourite pets!

You get a few actions, which are super cute!

Updated Minigames?

Hey Jammers! 
Wolfetter here with a little change I found whilst wandering around Jamaa.

I was entering the Sol Arcade to play a bit of Sky High, when I noticed that the symbol for the game had changed!


Which one do you prefer?

The layout when you tap on a game has also changed. 

Also, when you click the Sol Arcade Shop, 'Overflow' is 'new', and is the first game that pops up!

I decided to leave the Arcade, and go to Coral Canyons to play Sky High there instead.
I got distracted by the cats next to it, and went to buy a pet when I found that the layout there had changed as well!

Well, that's all for now Jammers. Just a few things I've noticed around Jamaa. Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kickin' it

All Tied Up

Oh Deer

Fowl Play


Peck one already

Pet Peeved

Out on a Limb

Lion Flat

Giveaway Winners!


Hey Jammers, Wolfetter back with what we've all been waiting for!

For those who didn't realise, I held some giveaways! A pink Top Hat giveaway, and a Green Pirate Sword giveaway. Thanks for everyone who entered, and well done to the winners!

Okay, Okay...


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Return Of The Phantoms

Hey Jammers! I'm here with Lilac Fedora, and we both want to say a big WELCOME to the first post on 'Adventures with Lilac Fedora'!

Today we'll be doing the Return Of The Phantoms, Easy Mode. I just though- Why not start in the basics?

So, let's go!

The Burrow is shut! There must be a way to open it!

I found a cork!

One down, three to go!

We finally plugged all of the pipes. Now, we need to water these flowers!

After making everything beautiful, the burrow finally opened! Who knew that we'd find the key?

It's time to open the Phantom Gate...

We found a key that was beyond the gate, and we rescued Daisy!

After finding all the keys, we unlocked all of the prisoners. Take that, phantoms!

Liza helped us on the way!

Hopefully those pesky phantoms have learnt their lesson! It's time to go home.

Super special thanks to Snailalle, or Lilac Fedora on helping me make this!

Flapper Hat and Rare Item Monday!

Hey Jammers!
 Today, we have a couple of new items in Jamaa. To kick things off: The Flapper Hat

Here is the new item! The original colours are maroon and white, but it also comes in a variety of other colours. This item is 600 gems, and found in our Jam Mart Clothing Shop.

Next, it's Monday! You know what that means...
                                                       RARE ITEM MONDAY!!

Today's rare item Monday can be found in the Medical Center! The Medical Center is an unknown shop that NOBODY goes to, and is found in Kimbara Outback.
 Which nobody goes to.

It's a shame that such a cool place is abandoned. Maybe Jammers should hold a party there! A Cowboy-themed party would be so much fun ^ . ^

When using this fabulous item, I found a little glitch:

Look at the arm!

That Leg Brace isn't part of the item, and isn't meant to be there. Perhaps a future item Monday?

Wel that's all for this post Jammers!
Jam on, and have fun!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lilac Fedora

Hey Jammers! I'm back with a slightly different post today. I would like to mention a very good buddy of mine. Her name is snailalle, but she prefers to be called...


Monday, 20 July 2015

New Item- Arm Cuffs!

Hey Jammers! Wolfetter back with a new item that will definitely be a part of your outfit.

500 Gems at Jam Mart Clothing

These new items are an asset to most outfits, and look super cool on all animals- especially arctic wolves...

... Want to know how to incorporate the new Arm Cuffs in your outfit? Here are some ideas below!

Outfit 1.

Price: 1,000 gems

I think that this outfit is very mysterious, especially the hat. This arctic wolf is wearing black Arm Cuffs, a black Worn and a black fedora. Arm Cuffs and Fedoras can be found at Jam Mart Clothing for 500 gems each, but worns aren't in stores.
 If you don't have a black worn, you can use any colour or use something else entirely! what do YOU like the look of?

This is a good outfit for a boy or girl, and you can easily change the colours if black isn't your style, like the pink version below!

Outfit 2.

Price: 750 gems

This outfit is sort of christmasy, probably because of the Reindeer Antlers and dark mahogany-red.
 This outfit consists of red Reindeer Antlers and the red Arm Cuffs, so it's a very simple outfit. Like the previous collection, you can always change the colours around, like this blue one I've made.

Outfit 3.

Finally, a sweet, pink fox with the magenta Arm Cuffs. Like all outfits, stir up the colours if you want to! It's all down to you.

That's all for this new item post Jammers! I hope the outfts are okay, and I hope you're okay too! Jam on xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Almost ending... Top Hat and Pirate Sword Giveaway!

Just a quick reminder, my TOP HAT AND PIRATE SWORD GIVEAWAY ends in 4 days!
To be in a chance of winning one of these epic prizes, click HERE

REMEMBER, Don't think you won't win!
You might be surprised, and I could be trading or gifting you one of these fabulous freebies on 23/07/2015

Jam on, and good luck to all!