Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Feathered Bird Hat and Parasol!

Hi Jamaa! 
Make sure to check out the Freedom Mohawk post! Is it a glitch or an Easter Egg?  

There's a couple of new items in the Summer Carnival, and I really love both of them!
First, show your style with the BEAUTIFUL Feathered Bird Hat!

Doesn't it show a striking resemblance to the Headdress?
The colours could be more co-ordinated, but it's really still a pretty item! It looks great on most animals, sitting like a headdress, so why not show it off?
2,250 Tickets in Carnival Clothing
The next item to arrive was the Parasol! It's so sweet and girly, I love it!

But wait... 600... GEMS in the Summer Carnival? Gems aren't allowed in the Summer Carnival, that's so strange!

No way! What's up with all this price changing act? Now it's 2,000 Tickets? I am so confuzzled!

Anyway, these items are a huge success! I'd go and check them out if I were you, because the Summer Carnival does eventually end.

Have a paw-some day, Jammers!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Freedom Mohawk: a Bug or an Easter Egg?

So, many Jammers have noticed the mystery behind the Freedom Mohawk. Was it a bug? Was it an Easter Egg? 
For those who don't know what happened: Here it is.

This is what the Freedom Mohawk looked like on 28/06/15
You can see that it's completely and utterly FREE!! Zero, Zilch, Nada gems!

Now, when I visited the beautiful Freedom Party today...

What's up with that? 700 GEMS! It's pretty expensive compared to the other items, so how did it go on sale for 0 gems?! If you've read my previous post about the Freedom Party (available by clicking the Party tab up by the header), you can see I thought it was so everyone could celebrate America's freedom, but apparently not.

Oh, well! This could actually be used for a sneaky way to make gems.... I got about 7 whilst they were free, and they recycle for almost 220 gems, so if you got a few too- go ahead and recycle them!


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Freedom Party

Hi Jammers! The new llama-licious update has brought with it the recurring FREEDOM PARTY!
Of course, every party needs they're shops. Why not start with the den items?

Ooh, what lovely colours! This year, we're adding yellow in, apparently! I like the new items, but I wonder if we'll get the classic back... I hope so, that would mean even more freedom!!!