Friday, 26 June 2015

Jamaa Journal, June 25, Vol 149

Hey Jammers, Wolfetter back with another, new Jamaa Journal! Volume 149 no less.

In this HUGE update, LLAMAS are finally here!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, what we've all been waiting for is finally here! Unfortunately, they cost diamonds... I really wish that AJ would at LEAST make another 'Deer Move', and surprise us by making one for gems. Even just once! Shame.

Anyway, there's a new contest hidden in the Jamaa News, but this time it isn't for boring old den items. We get the chance to choose our own new PET!! Will it be a tough-but-cute Armadillo, shelled with a cool covering? Or maybe a KAWAII elephant, with sweet trunk and ears? Or perhaps a gorgeous Peacock, to show off with a vibrant twist?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Animal Jam Updates: LLAMAS!

Hello JAMMERS! Wolfetter back with another AJ Update, the main part of it is what you've all been waiting for. LLAMAS!
Now, we all saw the teasers from the hacker:
And it was confirmed in the last update. Could Animal Jam drag it out for that long? Well, wait no longer. LLAMAS ARE IN JAMAA! 
In the Diamond Shop, 10 Diamonds each, a majestic LLAMA awaits you... It's llama-like mane flowing in the wind, with a twinkling diamond-spread tile shimmering as a magical backdrop against the harmony of llamaness...
Ahem. Anyway. I bet you want a picture!

New Summer Carnival Items

Heyyyy Jammers! Of course, it's Wolfetter here and today we've got some new items over at the Summer Carnival, Jamaa's best party.
Lets kick things off at the PLUSHIE BOOTH. It's a super-sweet rabbit plushie! This cute fellow comes in 7 PAWSOME colours, including sunset gold, luminous pink, mysterious red and an icy blue.
750 Tickets in the Plushie Booth

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Hi Jammers! I'm really excited, because I've decided to create a GIVEAWAY!
It's soon Summer, and to celebrate the Summer-whoosh, I'll be handing out two rare prizes! We have a PINK TOP HAT (members) and a GREEN PIRATE SWORD (non-members)
[Ends 23/07/2015  (One Month)]
To enter the giveaway, click the link below. Jam on guys! <3


 Hey Jammers! So, some people have requested I do a page on codes, and I think that that's a brilliant idea! So, here they are.
I'm sorry if some of these have expired: I'm a little out of date!

explorer- 100 Gems
ajbday4- 4th Birthday Cake
adventure- 500 Gems
ngk2015- 1,000 Gems
winter- 500 Gems
pets- 500 Gems
newyear15- 500 Gems
ajrocks- 500 Gems
outback- 500 Gems
twelve- 1 Diamond

Don't know how to submit a code? Instructions are below.


Hey guys! Wolfetter here with a new post, and this one is all about those nasty scammers we see around Jamaa.


1. "It's my birthday, I have had no presents, please send me rares!"
     This is often used in a big, crowded place to attract attention. This speech may be true, but
     either way, do NOT send this person rares unless you are their friend (even then, you do
     not have to!)

Majestic Pictures :3

Hey Jammers, and yeah, the title is completely right! This is all about how to take a pretty/cool picture of your animal on AJ. Hey, don't look at me like that! There was nothing happening today... 

First up, how do you even take a picture? Well, I use Snipping Tool, which usually comes pre-downloaded on every laptop and PC. I'll be using that today ^ -^

Here are some of mine: 

Animal Jam Updates: Pet Piglets!

Hey Jammers! Wolfy here C:

I am so so SO sorry, I haven't posted since the last update... Oops! I really am so sorry, hope you forgive me and carry on reading.

Anyway, It's a new update... YAY! The 148th Jamaa Journal is here and it's full of CUTENESS. We have a new pet joining Jamaa, and it's no other than an adorable piggy!!!!!

Look at these little fellas. I just want to SQUEEZE them and CUDDLE them forever and ever, they're so so cute! I think I might get one...
As always, these new pets are available in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. I think that AJ is putting too much into the Diamond Shop, do you guys? Leave a comment below if you want for pets for gems, or maybe even more pets for non members!


Cloud Party

Hey Jammers, We have a new PARTY this update! It's the amazing Cloud Party, available to all members with owls, eagles or any other flying animal. The party is set up in the sky, and is actually pretty big! We have the rain pool:

And a beautiful rainbow that soars over the sky really brightens up the place!