Sunday, 31 May 2015

Jamaa Journal, May 28, Vol 147

Hey guys, It's Wolfetter with a new UPDATE!
Yep, that's right. We have the 147TH VOLUME OF THE JAMAA JOURNAL! It seems like a pretty big one too.

Roll up, roll up, THE SUMMER CARNIVAL IS BACK! It's here for the whole of the summer, with 
new items almost EVERY DAY for this week! 
You can find the best party (in my opinion) in your party list, or you can go ahead and tap one of the banners around Jamaa. You can win prizes, tickets and candyfloss too!

 In the 2015 Carnival, they added a bouncy castle and a campfire-area, so you can check out those too ^,^

We have even more questions on Best Guess, the epic true or false game!..

Animal Jam Updates: Summer Carnival!

Hey Jammers, It's Wolfetter with another update! It's the one we've all been waiting for...
The Summer Carnival is my all-time favourite party- It's just so unique!

It's chock-full with games, and cute stores ^ .^
This year, they added a bench area and a bouncy castle!

Now, many people have asked me how to get the phantom candyfloss, as some of you may have seen around the Carnival. It's easy! All you have to do is, when you are choosing the colours, choose first black, then white, and finally black! Enjoy ^u^

Bye guys, and enjoy the CARNIVAL!