Saturday, 9 May 2015

Adorable Spring Flower Crown

Hey Jamaa, back with another new item! This one's in Jam Mart Furniture..

Inline Skates and a Bicycle to ride

    (shouts from dark corner)
"I'm BAACK!!"

Are you happy to see me!?.. What do you mean, 'no?'.
Ugh.. Well, hey Jammers, Wolfetter here with more new (and actually nm!) items, straight from Jam Mart Furniture.
These two also follow a Summer Fun line, like the last few items. 
We have the Inline Skates...

Not many people notice that this makes up an Arctic wolf, or Hyena face! The toe has two odd shapes, which are nostrils, and the heel is the eye ^.^

More Summer Fun Items!

Hola Jammers! Wolfetter here, with some more summer fun heading our way! Today, we have the returning Croquet Set:

This can be found at  Jam Mart Furniture, for 400 gems. It comes in 8 different 'colours' that are really well thought out! Click the colour button, and different Croquet items come up: such as balls and nets ^.^

New items!

Hey Jammers! I'm SO SO sorry I haven't made a new post for these, I'm just so busy with school-work and family, so I apoligise.

This weeks new items are the Charm Bracelet and Feather Earrings.
Comment if you think the feather earrings go well with the feather tail!

You can buy both of these at Jam Mart clothing for 600 and 500 gems.

It's upsetting that both of these are for members, I would have thought the charm bracelet at least would be NM!
All the new animals are member, and in the diamond shop too. AJ, pay more attention to our non-members!

Weird Den Glitch!?

Omg, so this is SO WEIRD!
The buddy in my den, MissyJangles, doesn't believe me that my Blue Shag Carpet and Rainbow wallpaper are up here, but you can see they are!

Comment below if you have experienced this glitch!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Jamaa Journal, April 30th, Vol 145

Hey Jammers! Its Wolfetter here with a pretty big update! Animal Jam has created a HUGE new den! It's called the Beach House, and can be bought for 7 diamonds at our one and only DIAMOND SHOP! Do you guys like the new den? Did any of you expect new land or a new adventure? We'd love to know!